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Auto Responder (BOT)

If you are looking for how to set auto-reply in WhatsApp business and WhatsApp auto-reply message sample, you are at the right place. In this post, we’ll help you understand the nitty-gritty of WhatsApp Chatbots. To start off with, let’s talk about how auto-response for WhatsApp works.

Why do you need the WhatsApp auto-reply feature? It is obvious that auto-reply is an essential feature for every kind of business. But why? Let us elaborate. Instant messaging, in its essence, is meant to be immediate at all times. WhatsApp as a platform has more than 2 billion users available and active at varied times. Businesses move to WhatsApp to take advantage of this very fact, but unfortunately, this isn't always possible due to reasons like limited working hours and a shortage of human resources. This is where WhatsApp Auto-replies come in. With auto-replies, you can always be available to greet and respond to customers even outside your working hours. This allows you to: Be available to your customers 24/7 Make a strong impression on new customers by greeting them with a customised welcome message. Inform your customers about your available hours and set a response time expectation. Collect customer data using a pre-chat survey quiz or through AI automated conversations This increases customer satisfaction and gives your business an upper hand against competitors. WhatsApp auto replies make life much easier for all growing businesses.

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